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Our campus is teeming with the curiosities of natural life ...and we boldly get out of our seats to explore the ecosystems in our own backyard. 

More Ways We Seek Courage at Rumsey


Our Outdoor Mindset

At Rumsey, outdoor adventure is an important part of learning. The patterns, cycles, and energy of the natural world teach us about our own vitality.

If you're a student at Rumsey Hall, then you regularly spend class time outside! Our teachers create engaging lessons that go beyond the four walls of a room. From science labs in the forest, to history lessons atop river stones, to quiet reading propped against a tree, classes venture outdoors to explore the natural world and enjoy the fresh country air of our campus. From our Kindies program all the way up through our VIIth Form (ninth grade), students are encouraged to wonder about, and taught respect for, the natural world around them. 

Rumsey's Renowned Campus

231 Acres Along the Bantam River

Our outdoor campus is a wonderland of learning opportunities. Take a virtual 360 tour to explore nature's contribution to our academic approach.

Embark on a 360 Tour


Treasure Island

Our On-Campus Riverbed

Here, with magnifying glasses, nets, beakers, measuring equipment, flora and fauna apps, and the expertise of our teachers, children learn the fascinating science of our natural world.

Visit Treasure Island with our Kindies


Getting a Different Perspective

Teachers regularly plan outdoor classroom experiences for Rumsey students. Here's a sampling of recent learning expeditions in nature:

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