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Health, Wellness, and Counseling Services

The Health Education Curriculum examines a wide variety of health issues to help students better understand their bodies and how they function. The effects of certain choices on health and well-being are also discussed. The goal is to provide students with the skills necessary to respond thoughtfully and carefully to the demands of living in today’s complicated world. An informal atmosphere is fostered to promote student discussion and participation. Topics include anatomy, physiology, nutrition, personal appearance, decision-making, drug and alcohol awareness and human sexuality. 



For IVth Form Girls. The objective of this class is to investigate peer relationships and conflict resolution, develop leadership skills and honorable citizenship characteristics and build ‘team’ unity. Specific topics are explored through hands-on activities, lectures and group discussion. In addition, the students discuss social media and its communal effect and roles in individual and group friendships. 

For Vth Form Girls. This course teaches conflict resolution, communication and leadership skills. The students learn to encounter life with confidence, preparing to be their best selves. They explore ways to handle important relationships by communicating their feelings honestly. They develop skills to resolve conflict gracefully and effectively, while staying true to themselves. Role-playing, hands-on activities and journal writing are important aspects of class participation.  


For IVth Form Boys. This course supports boys as they navigate their first year in the Upper School. The boys learn how to work together, respecting one another and themselves. Compass allows them to feel safe and comfortable expressing feelings and questions about issues such as: social dynamics, peer pressure, conflict resolution and media literacy. Boys learn to make proper choices to find the greatest success within the community. 

For Vth Form. Boys’ Atlas provides boys with a platform for discussion and education about many social issues faced every day. They develop a strict set of rules to foster a safe, casual, inclusive environment where they can share thoughts and feelings while promoting fun and friendship. Topics covered include bullying, friendship, risk-taking behavior, stress and the social pressure to be a ‘man.’ Activities, games and discussion foster mutual trust.   

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