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Muhoza Rwabukamba Shares His Story With Rumsey

Muhoza Rwabukamba Shares His Story With Rumsey

Muhoza Rwabukamba, a remarkable individual with an inspiring story of resilience and determination, recently visited Rumsey Hall as part of the Rwanda Education Assistance Project. Muhoza, a genocide survivor, shared his harrowing journey and spoke about his unwavering spirit in rebuilding his family and life. As a founding board member and chief advisor of the Rwanda Education Assistance Project, Muhoza is deeply committed to empowering Rwandan families to overcome socio-economic challenges.

Muhoza is a human rights activist and a passionate advocate for education, gender equality, and community development. During his visit, he touched upon his experiences living in Rwanda, surviving the genocide, and thriving as an immigrant. His message emphasized the importance of resilience, compassion, and solidarity in creating a brighter future for all.

The Rwanda Education Assistance Project strives to address obstacles hindering the progress of Rwandan families, ranging from educational barriers to health disparities. Through initiatives promoting learning, leadership, and health, the organization is making significant strides in fostering sustainable development and empowering communities across Rwanda.

04.05.24. - Guest Speaker - Muhoza Rwabukamba


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