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A Community Built on Kindness

Rumsey’s boarding school program offers Upper School students a secure, home-like environment and a wealth of opportunities for learning and growth. Housed in small dormitories of from 8 to 30, students form strong bonds with their dormmates. Dorm parents who live in the dorms with their families (and pets!) provide close supervision and share their family life, welcoming students into their homes. The boarding experience teaches important skills, such as getting along with others and managing a daily schedule, and increases self-confidence and independence. Our boarding students graduate fully prepared for living on their own at a secondary boarding school and in college. Dorm nights throughout the year feature fun and friendly contests between dorms for the Dorm Cup awarded in the spring. Pumpkin carving, spelling bees, math competitions, and broom ball on the ponds in winter are a few of the Dorm Cup challenges. The pride of being part of a dorm family is an essential piece of the boarding school experience.

A Typical Day at Rumsey

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